Ma's Body Shop
Saving Memories

Michigan's Premiere Doll Hospital


With over 25 years of experience in doll manufacturing, repair, and costuming, we specialize in composition materials, with a wide variety of replacement doll bodies and parts available.  Free estimates provided; all repairs are done on-site. Please call with Questions  Phone (517) 694 - 9022  or Email: Thank you! We are located in Holt Michigan. At 1628 Eifert Road.

 Ma works on all types of body material. Composition, Kid, Cloth,and even some plastics.(depending on the severity or condition of the break in the plastic.)  Most material can be cleaned and made to look near what it did when it was new. Clothing can be repaired or replaced with new. As Ma is a seamstress. All of the costumes in the pictures of dolls featured in this ad were made by Dolores Or Ma. As were most of the dolls.

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